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No longer between two jobs!

31 Aug

So I thought this blog would be about me being stressed-out and cranky because I would look for a job for way too long, but luck was with me and yesterday I signed my new contract! I can now call myself a consultant for Wise Professionals, a Swedish company that finds professionals for different jobs in Sweden.

My location will be at an international financial analyst firm with its Swedish office in Stockholm. Wait, what?  Am I not a political scientist with interest in gender studies, what to do at a financial analyst firm? Well, I will be working with their administration, something that I have experience from working both in the states US and A) and in Sweden. I´m super excited! I have so far only met the administrative part of the office, and they seem very kind, ambitious and fun to be around.

I definitely noticed how my mood went up times a ton when I found out that I got a job. I went shopping for spiffy bizznizz clothing yesterday, you know basic tops, pantyhose and a black cardigan. Spent about 12 USD on a black umbrella with sparkles at Mango just because and felt professional all day. (Then I passed by my brother´s job, Teknikmagasinet and he told be I could have bought a black one from him for about fifty cents, but hey – no sparkles…)

I also stayed up way too late last night beginning to alter a few dresses I bought at “The Ants” (Swedish Goodwill) just because I had too much energy to go to bed!

So, this blog will probably change from stress about jobs and creative work to other stories (but still creative work).


Job Interview – Way More Fun Than the Application

28 Aug

So since I am “between two jobs” at the time, I am attempting to become a person WITH a job. This means that I write a ton of job applications, call people that have job listings and – hopefully – go for a few interviews.

Today I took the train to Stockholm from where I live, managed to find the place where the interview was and succeeded in being on time. The job was for a consulting firm (and who wouldn´t want to say that they work as a consult, just asking?) and they are offering an administrative position for about five months.

So, my least favorite part of this whole job searching process is writing the applications, it all makes sense that one should read the ad, figure out if it fits and then write a page or so about why I would be perfect for the position, but it is not a fun thing to do.
On the other hand, when I finally get called for an interview, it is both nerve-wrecking and a ton of fun. The good part is that they think you´re good enough to come in and see them, you get to wear a spiffy outfit and to talk about yourself for a while. Really, the only nerve-wrecking part for me is right before the interview.

So I think the interview went well and I keep my fingers crossed that this will work out.
Wine and cheese tonight with a few friends to keep my mind off of being unemployed… 🙂 (it´s not that bad, just hoping it´ll work out soon).

An Ideal Suspect

26 Aug

This past week, one of the TV channels in Sweden showed one of the best documentaries I´ve ever seen. It´s called “An Ideal Suspect” in Swedish, and it shows the story of a murder in the U.S. and how the police in the area prosecutes an innocent 15-year-old for the crime when they lack any kind of evidence.

If you have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it! I watched it by accident, and got so sucked into the story that I had to see it unfold until the end. It´s a French documentary and you learn a lot about the real work behind the scenes, far from any TV shows.

´Ello world!

26 Aug

´Ello world!.

´Ello world!

26 Aug

One of my favorite movies is Bridesmaids, so just imagine the scene where Annie´s roommate doesn´t want to pay rent because she´s only there on a tourist visa.

´Ello fellas!